Cassandra Ellerbe | Workshops
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Customised concepts are formulated for workshops and I conduct these for groups for groups of 4-20 participants. For groups larger than 20 participants, a co-trainer is necessary in order to complete this task. The workshops consist of distinct individual and group exercises that focus on the intersectional aspect of diversity and the importance of transcultural communication awareness and skills. The methodology I utilise is practice-oriented and tailored for easy implementation. This approach fosters self-reflexivity, as well as a greater understanding of another individual’s differences and diverse styles of work and/or communication.

Workshop structure

The following questions and themes are the focus of an introductory workshop:


What is diversity and why is it important?


What is discrimination and how does it manifest in daily interactions within the European context?


What are stereotypes; what is bias; and, how to they intersect? What can be done to overcome them?


Why is it important to view diversity through an intersectional lens?


How can I personally, or my organisation, become more conscious and implement successful diversity and inclusion-oriented solutions and strategies?


The goal of my work in a workshop is to give each individual the necessary tools in order to acquire diversity and inclusion competency, as well as to become multipliers in their personal or workplace environments. In addition, the workshops place great emphasis on the creation of sustainable and flexible solutions that can offer support to workshop participants long after the workshop has ended.